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I write here sometimes. Mostly do a lot of UX reading.

Another personal UX Design study


I decided to conduct this UX Design project for ActiveSG as I thought it had a lot of potential for improvements that would benefit their users and better achieve business goals.

Furthermore, I wanted to obtain hands-on experience in executing the UX Design process to help companies improve their products for its users.

The Client

ActiveSG is an organization providing sports facilities and programmes for the public to support Singapore citizens with opportunities to live an active lifestyle.

Project Duration: 2 Weeks

Project Goals

  • Uncover usability flaws affecting users from completing tasks successfully and efficiently
  • Design a prototype to overcome usability issues discovered

The Problem

  • Uncover…

A personal UX Design project! :)


I conducted this study with the interests of discovering usability flaws that may be affecting NLB’s business goals and redesigning their screens to overcome them.

Furthermore, I wanted to obtain hands-on experience in executing the UX Design process to help companies improve its products for their users.

The Client

NLB (National Library Board) is an organization responsible for building over twenty public libraries in Singapore. They enable information literacy for the people through their vast collection of books, ebooks, and DVDs.

Project Duration: 2 Weeks

The Problem

Many of the app’s reviews on the Google Playstore detail various factors of the app which contribute…

My first usability study conducted for a company! :)


I worked for an art advisory firm and sought to uncover the usability flaws of their online exhibitions to discover what may be hindering their users from becoming interested buyers.

The Client

The art advisory firm specializes in Southeast Asian artwork. They host exhibitions to showcase the artworks they represent and are available for sale.

The Problem

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they shifted towards hosting their exhibitions online. However, no sales were generated on the platform since.

My Project Role

I mainly conducted the study alone as a UX Researcher, moderating sessions, noting participant responses, and presenting my findings to the company.

For the recruitment process…

A collection of research projects I worked on as a UX intern

Overview of Projects

  1. Case Study 1: A Telco’s Innovation Prototype| Usability Test Study
  2. Case Study 2: UOB SME Business Applications | Usability Test Study
  3. Case Study 3: Financial Behaviors in Singapore| Ethnography Research Study

1. Case Study 1: A Telco’s Innovation Prototype

Photo: Kevin Lee/Unsplash

Picture this, it’s a chill Friday night and you are finally out with the boys after a long week of hustling. It’s the good old times again, bros roasting one another for laughs, and everyone’s bantering about random nonsense that you’ll soon forget about in the next five minutes.

You blink. Next thing you know, James has a girlfriend. Wait, what? Ah, now you remember. He was the first among the guys. Turning to the side, you witness your best bro, Sean, exchanging a quick kiss with Amanda. That’s right, he’s attached too.

Nikko J. Lopez

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